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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Shopster lets you create your own product affiliate website like thisiswhyimbroke.com. It's a CMS written from scratch with NodeJS, Express, EJS & MongoDB.
Shopster is simple to setup & deploy, and is a perfect alternative if you want a condensed CMS to showcase products and/or links you found online.




Oracle is a decentralized Blockchain divided into two-part and written in NodeJS/Express for the server-side (aka the Oracle) and Golang for the client/miner side (aka the Agent). The Agent's mission is to use the CPU power of a machine to solve a block. Once founded, the Agent send the block to the Oracles that are in charge of approving/disapproving the block and maintaining the Blockchain.



The idea behind Tonken is to provide communities a way to exchange goods without using Fiat currencies. Let's take, for example, a community of students and teachers. How to motivate students to help each other? With Tonken, you can send them digital tokens!


Klaim is a Chromium extension written in Vanilla JavaScript that helps Amazon user claim late packages. The extension modifies Amazon's order page to include a custom button to claim a discount from late orders.

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About me

👋 Hi,

My name is Florian, and I'm a 30 years old French developer living in the Alps (Hautes-Alpes)! I love my place, so I'm only open to a fully remote position right now.

I'm an O'clock alum 🎓 & self-taught who like to create web apps from scratch that solves technical problems to make the life of creators easier.

I usually work with a MERN stack on MVC architectural pattern, but I can also work with Firebase, VueJS & Lumen.
Also, I'm an absolute fan of Golang and TailwindCSS, and I learn C# with Unity as a hobby (we all wished to create a game someday, right?).

I speak & write in French, I have an advanced level in English (I can write in English and understand someone talking in English, but I have a heavy French accent)

Looking for a dev or simply want to talk about the last trending techs?
(Deno, I'm looking at you.) Let's get in touch!