an Open Source CMS for your affiliate links

Stack used :

NodeJS, EJS, MongoDB, ExpressJS



Engaging your community is hard

Want to launch your affiliate link site like, but you don't know where to start? You could probably create a WordPress blog, but it requires some knowledge and a LOT of time: deploying it on your hosting, spending hours selecting and adding a theme, browses thousands of plugins, buy some of them, and FINALLY setting up everything, ... 😰



Shopster takes care of your affiliate links

...OR you can use Shopster. It's an Open Source CMS you can launch in 5 minutes or less that takes care of your affiliate links. Deploy the Repo on your server (or on Glitch, it's even faster and free!), create your admin account, and that's it! You can start adding, editing, or deleting your affiliates link in your private backend. 🤩